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Independence by Working Together is more than our slogan - it's been our mission for 25 years.

We know how hard it can be to manage a private practice, so we use the collective strength and experience of our members to make our lives simpler.

As a Jefferson Physician Group member, you choose which benefits are right for you.


With a single application you can access over 30 insurance contracts. JPG has delegated credentialing to make your life easier. 

You choose which contracts are right for you. We have contracts with every major insurance company at rates that meet or exceed the market. And we have many that are only available through Jefferson Physician Group.

Group Purchasing

JPG uses the strength of our many members to negotiate the best possible prices and to evaluate business opportunities.

We partner with our members' preferred vendors to enhance their savings and to support loyalty.

We partner with national purchasers to find the best rates available on high volume items.

Vaccine Discounts

Immunizations are the cornerstone of preventative medicine.

The Jefferson Group Purchasing Organization was formed so that we could obtain the best possible vaccine prices for our members. 

In addition, JPG uniquely shares with our members the additional rebates available only to a GPO.


Your employees are a valuable asset. 
JPG is dedicated to the continued education and improvement of your staff.  We offer and facilitate many educational programs and practice enhancements.
We even have Office Manager meetings so your managers can share great ideas and build links between our practices.

Jefferson Independence Card

It’s all about the patient. 
JPG never forgets the reason that we do what we do. 
Jefferson iCard is a free discount program for out-of-network or uninsured patients paying cash.
The iCard helps patients find our offices, maintains the physician-patient relationship when insurance changes, and provides an excellent structure for direct to employer contracts.


The Jefferson Town Hall meetings have become famous over the past two decades.
These entertaining gatherings are ideal for catching up with old friends and for making new friends.
JPG encourages our members to support each other, after all, we only want the best possible physicians for our patients.
JPG is expanding social media and broadening our network marketing.


JPG is defined by its members. 
These are some of the finest people and most dedicated physicians that ever gathered. 
Referrals within JPG are made with confidence and grow quickly. 
Stamina, integrity, and selfless pursuit of excellence allow us to support each other with referrals while we preserve our independence.

Value-Based Contracting

Quality care deserves to be rewarded and measuring quality is the only way to access those rewards.

JPG co-founded an ACO, North Texas Clinically Integrated Network, to provide the best opportunity for our members to share in the savings they create through quality.

TXCIN has contracts with every major insurance company and a Medicare MSSP

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