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Our History

A Foundation of Strength

Founded in 1995 by primary care physicians, JPG is one of our area’s largest, completely independent physician organization. 

We are not limited to any specific hospital system, insurance company, referral network, or corporate ownership. By remaining independent, our physicians can access the best option for each patient across all specialty networks and hospital systems to bring personalized care and value.


We are dedicated to the preservation of private practice.

We believe that independent physicians deliver the highest level of personalized care available in our communities and provide the greatest opportunity for healthcare innovation.


Jefferson members have affiliations with all major medical centers across North Texas. We have access to a vast referral network, and maintain relationships with the finest specialists and healthcare services across the country.

We encourage our members to continue pursuit of their own unique business models and interests, while maintaining connection with JPG. This ultimately strengthens us all.


JPG membership is comprised of more than 550 rigorously credentialed, board certified primary care physicians, practitioners, and specialists.  Our members represent some of the finest individual and independent physician practices across North Texas.


The Jefferson Physician Group is passionate about protecting the strength of independent physicians to make personalized healthcare choices. We believe that population health is improved one patient at a time. 


We hold true to the traditions of medicine, while embracing the technology of a new generation.

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