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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Jefferson Physician Group different?

Jefferson Physician Group is completely independent.

Many other physician groups claim to be independent, but have hidden ties to investors, entrepreneurs, hospitals, or even insurance companies. Inevitably, those hidden financial ties will prevent the empowerment of it's physicians. 

Jefferson Physician Group is dedicated to serving its members, with no secret stockholders.

Our stringent credentialing has created a network of some of the most recognized physicians in North Texas.

Are the contracts at Jefferson Physician Group competitive?


Most of the Jefferson Physician Group contracted fees are superior to market rates.

And because we offer a comprehensive list of contracts, even when the fees are similar, our members will save money and time by consolidating their contracts at Jefferson Physician Group. 

What insurance contracts are offered?

Jefferson Physician Group offers over 30 insurance plan contracts. 

All major insurance plans are offered: BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, UHC, Humana, MultiPlan, and PHCS, as well as many Medicare Advantage plans and smaller insurance plans of importance to area physicians and employers. We specifically seek contracts with small to medium sized employers to provide regional networks. 

Jefferson has many plans that simply are not available elsewhere.

Do I have to participate in all of the insurance contracts you offer?


You can choose to opt-in to only the contracts that meet your needs.

Can I join Jefferson Physician Group to broaden my referral network?


Some members use Jefferson Physician Group only as a way to expand their referral base and community exposure. 

The benefits of Jefferson Physician Group go far beyond our contracts.

The potential of forming new referrals and strengthening existing relationships is priceless.

Must I cancel my membership in other physician groups to join Jefferson Physician Group?


We respect your freedom to be in multiple organizations.

Some members have established contracts that they choose to maintain. 

Most of our members find that our wide range of services allow them to leave other physician groups, but there's no requirement to do so.

Does Jefferson Physician Group have delegated credentialing?


Dedicated credentialing is one of the greatest benefits. Our physicians only have to complete one application which will enable participation in dozens of contracts. This saves tremendous time for our members.

Is Jefferson Physician Group affiliated with an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?


Jefferson Physician Group was a co-founder of North Texas Clinically Integrated Network, Inc, (TXCIN), a non-profit ACO, developed for our members who choose to participate in value-based shared savings. 

There is no additional charge for you to participate in TXCIN.

Do I have to join the ACO to join Jefferson?


You do not have to join TXCIN to be a member of Jefferson Physician Group.

Which Value-Based contracts are available?

Shared-savings contracts are available with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Healthcare



Medicare MSSP

Several additional value-based contracts will be added soon.

Do all the doctors in my group have to join if I choose to join?


Many of our members are also part of a large national or state physician organization. These members join Jefferson Physician Group to enjoy our regional connections and benefits.

As a Specialist, why should I partner with Jefferson Physician Group?

By joining Jefferson Physician Group, you are supporting the preservation of an important referral base, the vanishing pool of independent physicians. These connections allow you to diversify your patient referral sources, and make you less dependent upon hospital groups or specific insurance companies.

Many specialists join Jefferson Physician Group to protect an alternative practice model.

Why are you called Jefferson Physician Group?

Our name was chosen in honor of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of American Independence. 

His insatiable curiosity, and quest for knowledge in almost every discipline, embodies the spirit of today's physician.  Being both a maverick and a leader, Jefferson fiercely defended independence and personal freedom, much like our nation's physicians tirelessly defend patients and our ability to care for them.

How do I join Jefferson Physician Group?

Call us at 972-380-7070 or email us at .

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